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It’s time to come home….

Day Four

The forecast was rain but it never came for our cathedral walk (name given because of the shape of the cave inside). Spectacular scenery, which we then got to abseil down in the afternoon. Everyone was so brave, all clipping on and looking over the edge. Lots made the descent to the bottom too. Mixed emotions tonight from the children with lots of adventures had and memories made, wanting to carry on but also excited to see everyone back home!

More ghyll scrambling…

 Day Three

The  weather wasn’t so favourable today but it hasn’t put us off! Canoeing followed by ghyll scrambling (which has turned out to be a favourite for many!). All safely back now for a warm shower just before tea! 

 Day Two Adventures

What a great day! It started off with crate stacking and archery, lunch and then paddle boarding this afternoon. Lots of happy tired children I this evening. Slow internet in the Lakes but lots of photos we are trying to upload.

Day Two

Everyone got to sleep…eventually! Woken to glorious sunshine ☀️ Early morning walk in the field before breakfast and birthdays!

Day One

We’ve been very busy already! After settling in, we’ve played rounders and football, as well as completing Mrs C’s scavenger hunt. There was also time to fit in a bit of pool and other games. Now for hot chocolate and cookies before bed.

We made it! 

Made it in good time, first team meeting. Finding out about activities, rooms and most importantly meals! 


At our lunch stop already! Lots of excited happy children well on the way to the Lake District already! Fingers crossed for sunshine ☀️ 

World Book Day - March 2024

There was a fantastic selection of World Book Day outfits today! Can you guess who is who?

Welcome to Class 3's class page. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the things we do in school. This page has been created using contributions from our class and teachers. Please look at our photographs to find out about our learning.

Weaving - May 2023

We created wall hangings inspired by landscapes. We created them using different colours and textures of yarn. It was quite fiddly at times but we were satisfied with the final result!

Christmas Clay Gonks - Autumn 2022

We used clay to produce some Christmas gonks as part of our art this term. Firstly, we looked at some famous sculptures and sculptors, taking inspiration from some of their work. It was tricky at first to use pinching and coiling to produce our gonks. However, with the help of slip, a little practice and lots of patience we were really proud of our final sculptures.

First Aid - Autumn 2022

As part of keeping ourselves safe and learning how to look after others, we welcomed Nurse Heidi to teach us first aid. It was an enjoyable afternoon as we learned about keeping ourselves safe before learning how to treat others. Eventually, we managed to master putting each other into the recovery position!

Real Maths - Autumn 2022

As part of our DT project, we had to use our weighing and measuring skills to follow the pumpkin soup recipe. We realised how important it was to be careful and accurate! Luckily, we managed to get the correct amounts of ingredients, so our pumpkin soup tasted delicious! We also had a go at scaling our recipe so that we could make double the amount. This allowed us to share our soup with the rest of KS2. 

DT - Cooking Pumpkin Soup - Autumn 2022

This term, we enjoyed harvesting our home-grown pumpkins and potatoes. As part of D.T, we then used our produce to make our own pumpkin soup. We loved making the soup and looking at different ways to change the flavour, aroma and texture. In addition. we took a lot of time to ensure our presentation was good, before we allowed the rest of KS2 to taste it. Bon Appétit!

Geography - Autumn 2022

This term, we have been looking at maps. As part of our learning, we have been identifying the key lines of latitude and longitude on a world map.

Life, Love and Loss - Autumn 2022

This term, we will be looking at different aspects of life, love and loss. Here is the overview for the term.

Cycling Proficiency - Summer 2022

Congratulations to all the children who passed their cycling proficiency. We are very proud of you and look forward to seeing you practising your new skills around the village. 

David Hockney Inspired Landscapes - Summer 2022

This term, we have been looking at the work of the artist David Hockney. We have paid particular attention to his landscape paintings. Using some of his work as inspiration, we have created our own landscapes. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed painting them!

Kepplewray - Summer 2022

Our final day....the sun shone and Coniston Water was a beautiful setting for our last lake - based activity: kayaking. After safely launching the kayaks, we explored a river, learnt to “ raft up” and also played games using our new found kayaking skills. The conditions were too good to miss the opportunity to paddle and splash in the lake. By the end of the session, everyone was thoroughly wet and happy! We also did a team based activity (crate stacking) as well as an archery session. At the end of the day, we sat in the grounds for a barbecue before playing football, having hot chocolate and finishing our film. All the children have surprised themselves by what they have learnt and achieved. The staff at the Kepplewray Centre have enjoyed the children ‘s enthusiasm too. We will need to do a careful head count tomorrow because some would happily stay a few more days! We have had a brilliant week and we are looking forward to sharing our tales of adventure tomorrow afternoon. Get the washing machines ready we are on our way home! 

All the children have had another AMAZING day, in a beautiful setting and glorious sunshine. It was a bit windy this morning but nothing that would stop the first group canoeing to Wild Cat Island (the very island from Swallows and Amazons - but we didn’t find any pirates!), with group 2 enjoying this in the afternoon. Our other activity was climbing and abseiling which the children all approached with the same ‘Can Do’ attitude as we’ve seen in abundance since arriving. Fed well to refuel this evening and chill out time with sweets from Mrs Atkinson’s tuck shop this evening. Another wonderful day - children (and adults) all having a great time! The instructors (and teachers) have been so impressed by all the children - they have been a credit to their parents and the school. All tucked up and ready for another exciting day tomorrow!

Our first full day at Kepplewray.

Everyone slept and some even learnt to get themselves to sleep! Everyone made their own beds, made their own pack up and packed for the day. We all did two activities: ghyll scrambling and a slate mine quarry walk. Ghyll scrambling was fantastic fun with every child pushing themselves to achieve things they never thought possible. Every child was a great team player and all finished with a smile on their face. The walk was spectacular. Many will be coming home asking to have woodland sorrel for tea! We will let the children explain! We are all tired after an exhilarating day. Tea was wolfed down. Tonight was film night. We are working as a team and pushing ourselves to go out of our comfort zone. Each child has had a lovely day. We can’t wait for tomorrow. Judge for yourselves…here are SOME of our photos. One group has shared their ghyll scrambling photos. The other group has shared their cathedral walk photos. Lights are now out and many are already asleep. The adventure continues tomorrow. 

Well fed and watered, followed by music, party games and cake for Jacob’s 10th birthday. Lots of fun was had by all. PJs on, hot chocolate done and time for bed. Looking forward to our adventures tomorrow. 

Lots of fun en route playing card games, battleships and uno. Stop for lunch and then onward to the sunny (it actually was!) Lakes. Arrived in good spirits, beds made and settling in nicely. All looking forward to tea….and lots of sleep?!

The Pilgrimage of Hajj - Spring 2022

As part of RE, we have been looking at the Muslim faith and the Hajj Pilgrimage. We researched the story and symbolism behind Hajj, used role play to re-create our own Hajj Pilgrimage and then created a model from our learning. Working together to create the various locations took patience and perseverance. In addition, we had to get creative using whatever we had in the classroom. Can you guess what we used to make the Ka'bah?  

Formal Letters to Her Majesty The Queen - Spring 2022

In English, we have been learning how to write formally. What better way to practise our skills than to write to Her Majesty The Queen on her Platinum Jubilee!  

Our Calendars - Autumn 2021

Using our art skills and taking inspiration from Diwali, we created our own calendars to take home to our families.

Hinduism - Autumn 2021

This term, we have been looking at the Hindu religion. We re-enacted the Diwali story, used our art skills to depict Diwali and worked out how to create the Hindu worship of Puja.

Ancient Greece (learning about democracy) - Autumn 2021

As part of learning about democracy, we had a debate about whether the Parthenon should be built. We really got into character! We also learnt about ostracons and even created some of our own using Greek writing.

Ancient Greece (hunting for evidence) - Autumn 2021

This term, we have been looking at the Ancient Greeks as part of our history topic. Here we are hunting for clues and artefacts to see what evidence exists about the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. We learnt that the palace at Knossos actually exists and that bull leaping was a favoured pastime.

Forest School - Summer 2021

Our day at the Forest school was fantastic. We learnt how to build shelters, purify water, make fires and survive in the wild. Working together was a key skill in order to build useable shelters. The sausages and marshmallows also helped keep us focused! Thank you to Black Beard Forest School for making our day so memorable.

Getting Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy - Summer 2021

In art, we used the outside world to help us collage and create Andy Goldsworthy inspired pieces of art. We particularly liked the symmetry and use of natural resources.

Easter Celebrations - Spring Term 2021

Class 3 have been busy decorating for Easter. The children have been busy making Easter decorations and Easter cards for their families and members of the community. They've even decorated the envelopes!

 Getting Crafty - Autumn 2020

Class 3 have been getting crafty! They have made some beautiful remembrance cards to send to the residents at the Manor House and they've also been busy making calendars. 

Spring 2020

As part of our Enter text...

Christmas Cards and Calendars - December 2019


Orienteering Final at Hymers - July 2019

Last Friday, Kian and Maddison successfully represented our school at the orienteering competition. We are really proud of the fact that they came first. Here are their photos...Well done!   

Beverley Minster Leavers' Service 1st July 2019

Today, we were invited to Beverley Minster to attend a Year 6 Leavers' Service organised by the diocese and planned and delivered by Archbishop Sentamu Academy. The Minster was full of leavers, creating a spectacular venue for the service. We enjoyed joining in with the songs and prayers as well as listening to readings and drama about taking our next steps. Together, we celebrated the memories we have from primary school and gave thanks for our schools and friends. The event also gave us time to think about our next steps and the exciting times ahead. As part of the preparation for the service, we added our own prayers to the prayer stations positioned in the Minster. This was the first time this event has been held; we were grateful to be a part of it.

The Highwayman June 2019

We have had such fun reading the poem called 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes! As a class, we analysed the content and then created our very own versions, using lots of figurative language. 

Trip to the William Wilberforce Museum 19th June 2019

We really enjoyed visiting William Wilberforce's childhood home, which is now a museum dedicated to his achievements. It was truly shocking to find out about the conditions on the slave ships and plantation life thereafter. Inspired by William Wilberforce's work, we started to think about other freedom fighters such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Taking inspiration from the African art in the museum, we created our own display. In addition, we wrote our own speeches based upon Martin Luther Kings speech: 'I have a dream'. What do you think?

Summer Term B 2019

In the second part of the summer term, we will go on to look at our topic called 'Freedom Fighters' where we will think about people who fought for freedom such as William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Here is our overview for more detail:

Art Summer 2019

We have really enjoyed our art project this term. Have a look at our tree sketches and see what you think.

Summer Term A 2019 

This term, our topic is called ' Flow and Grow' where we will be looking at rivers in geography and plants in science. Using our knowledge of rivers and the water cycle, we will write our own explanation text. In addition, we will use our art skills to study and draw the trees in our grounds. Have a look at our overview for more detail:


World Book Day 2019

Gamelan Music Workshop 15 January 2019

We had a fabulous day today, when we went to Longcroft school for a music workshop. Interestingly, we were introduced to a range of traditional gamelan instruments from Bali and Java. The instruments were absolutely beautiful ,and we were able to have a go at playing them all. The sound we made was surprisingly good - just goes to show the power of teamwork! We learnt about the Indonesian musical culture, as well as how to play the instruments. As a result of the day, we became more confident as musicians and performers. It goes without saying that we had lots of fun and learnt loads about music and ourselves. Unsurprisingly, we have lots of photographs...here they are!

Spring Term 2019

This term, our topic is called: 'Past, Present and Future'. Initially, we will consider the past by looking at the ancient civilisation of the Benin Kingdom. We will consider the diversity of the African continent, before looking at the influence of the Benin Kingdom.Using our African links, we will be finding out what has been happening in Esther's school in Kenya. Thereafter, we will be writing letters to Esther and her pupils. After that, we plan to ask some really big questions about our futures. How did we get here? What are we doing here? What does the future hold? 

As ever, we will continue to work hard, whilst having lots of fun with our learning.

Have a look at our overview for more details:


Trip to Hull People's Museum - 27th November 2018

As part of our World War One topic, we went to Hull People's Museum to experience what life was like in the trenches. We loved looking out over no man's land and handling lots of artefacts. It was great fun to look inside the recreated trenches, although sometimes it was a bit gory! Throughout the day, we learnt lots about the lives of the soldiers together with the conditions in which they lived. Thanks to all the volunteers who answered our questions and made the day so informative. We left the museum with a better understanding of life in World War One and even more admiration for those involved. What a brilliant day!

Our Remembrance Service - November 2018

Last week, we all worked together to plan, prepare and lead our own class assembly. Although we were very ambitious, we managed to successfully lead our own remembrance service. Together, we wrote the service; prepared a presentation; wrote prayers and poems; selected the music and decorated the outdoor classroom. Inspired by other commemoration events, we created our own remembrance poppy garden to honour those who lost their lives. Finally, we took our service to the Manor House, so the residents could also share our worship. We really enjoyed our morning. Here are some pictures of us leading worship.

Our Wedding - 26th October 2018

We researched how Christian weddings were held, then we wrote our own service. Each class 3 child took a role from vicar to bride and groom. Although it was only a pretend wedding it felt very real! We even had a little reception. Everyone had a great day! 



We took rather a lot of wedding pictures...here are some of our favourites!  

More Wedding Pictures

Dig it Day - Autumn 2018

Dig it Day was loads of fun! After a lovely summer, we had lots of vegetables to harvest. In Class 3, we used carrots to make carrot cake for the whole school. Together we measured, weighed and scaled the recipe so that there was enough for every child in the school to have their own carrot cake! The results were delicious! 

Our Class Rules - Autumn 1 2018

We really enjoyed working together as a team to create our class rules.

Autumn Term 2018

This term (September 2018), we will be looking at life, love and loss. We will start by considering the rules associated with our lives, which will include our own class rules and the rules of different religions. After that, we will look at the journey of life where we will think about key milestones in our life. We are looking forward to planning and preparing our own wedding! In the second half of the term, we will be finding out about World War One. Already we are enjoying reading our class book: 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo. As a class, we will prepare and lead a remembrance assembly to remember those lost in wars. We also hope to visit the Manor Residential Home to share our service of remembrance with the residents.   


Kepplewray - The Final Installment - Friday 22nd June 2018

Yesterday was such a fantastic end to our wonderful trip. We had so much fun crate stacking, whilst learning to be supportive team members. Some of our expressions as we teetered on top of the stack were priceless! Some also managed to fit in a spot of orienteering around the grounds too. 

Our trip ended with a walk to Little Langdale Quarries, which tied in beautifully with our mountain topic. Walking in such a spectacular setting to see the volcanic rock formations made millions of years ago, was truly awesome. We were so lucky to go on such a beautiful day - as a result we have some spectacular photographs to share.

Our day ended with a game of rounders...and then one final hot chocolate!

We are 16 happy and safe children with 3 contented (albeit tired!) members of staff. Whilst we are looking forward to returning to our families, we are sad to leave. During the week we have made lots of memories and lived life well!

The cases are packed, the laundry bags have been sealed, prime your washing machines...we are on our way home!

More crate stacking

More Cathedral Walk pictures

Crate Stacking

Cathedral Walk - Little Langdale Quarries


Yesterday was a fun packed day with lots of children pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and showing a lot of courage. Quite a few children managed to get to the top of the tree and ring the bell. Many showed great courage by believing in themselves as they started the abseil descent. Most importantly, everyone had a go and had fun! Overall, the ghyll scramble proved to be the most popular with lots of smiling faces as we bobbed and scrambled! As a consequence, appetites were good, sleeping was easily secured and memory banks are bursting! 

We are all looking forward to our last day. The sun is up, the sky is blue,and today is the day when we WILL break our lunch making record time. 

More abseiling

More tree climbing

Ghyll scrambling


Tree climbing


A bit windy here today, but everyone settled down really well last night and it is still quiet now! Great day had by all yesterday - everyone is looking forward to today. Yesterday, lunches were made in near record time, so looking to improve on our time this morning. Need to go now because the next job beckons....being the Little Weighton alarm clock!

More kayaking...

Canoeing on Coniston Water

Kayaking on Coniston Water


We have all slept...some more than others! Looking forward to the day ahead.

Kepplewray The First Installment - June 2018

We have arrived! All safe. Journey great. We arrived at 3 pm. All children have successfully made their beds and are now exploring the house. Our evening meal is at 6pm, so we are all looking forward to that.


Tour de Yorkshire - May 2018

We went to the Manor Residential Home to make flags for the Tour de Yorkshire. We really enjoyed making the flags with the residents.




Antarctic Poetry - Spring 1 2018

Inspired by the Antarctic, we have been writing our own Antarctic based poetry. We have tried to use a range of figurative language to capture the essence of Antarctica. After lots of thought, drafting and redrafting we have created some poems of which we very proud. Here they are displayed on our wall.


Christmas Activities - Autumn 2017

Christmas is a really busy time in our school. You can see lots of our activities in the gallery section of this website. Just before Christmas, we used our understanding of light (gained from our Science lessons) to create some calendars for our families. We enjoyed making them – we hope you like them too.


Cooking Club - Autumn 2017

Cooking club has proved a huge success - we have all enjoyed the opportunity to cook some delicious dishes. Here are some of our Christmas treats. They were scrumptious!


Hinduism - Spring 2018

As a class, we learnt a lot more about Hinduism from a member of the Hindu community. We learnt lots about the religion and also got to try on some traditional Hindu clothing. 


Rama and Sita Shadow Puppets - Spring 2018

As part of Design Technology, we designed our own shadow puppets. We learnt how to create a mechanism so that their arms could move. In science, we learnt about light and used this knowledge to create shadows. In addition, we enhanced our designs by placing small holes in our puppets to allow light through. Initially we created prototypes which allowed us to refine and modify our ideas. When we had finished our puppets, we created our own shadow puppet shows based on the story of Rama and Sita.


The Weather Forecast...in French

In French, we learnt about the weather. We learnt how to say the weather in French and even had a go at doing our own weather forecast using our French. It was great fun!


Textile Shells - Autumn 2017

Using inspiration from our topic, we used our textile skills to create our own shells. Initially we found the sewing a little tricky but we got it in the end.

Fish Poems - Autumn 2017

Arctic Corsair - Autumn 2017

During the last half term, we have been looking at the local history of Hull, concentrating on the fishing industry. As part of our topic, we have visited the Arctic Corsair, which is a local trawler moored on the River Hull. Here are some of us on the bridge of the trawler. We had a lot of fun and asked a lot of questions! It inspired us to create our own memento of our visit. In addition, as part of our cross curricular writing, we wrote thank you letters to the tour guides of the Arctic Corsair.

Dig-it Day - Autumn 2017

As part of Dig-it Day, we did a maths investigation involving lots of measuring and perimeter work. Here are Class 2 and 3 working together to measure the perimeters of the vegetable beds, so that new wood can be ordered. In addition, we used our measuring and problem solving skills to work out how to make a lavender bag with a 40cm perimeter. Of course we used our own lavender which we had harvested from our gardens. We are very proud of our work and the way in which we helped each other.


Our Class Rules - Autumn 2017
As part of a new class, we looked at our class rules. Together we came up with some rules, which we could all agree on. as you can see, we have used our fish theme to create a display.


Fish, Flames and Festivals
This term, our topic is called: 'Fish, Flames and Festivals'. Have a look at our topic overview to see what we have planned.

If you want to see what we got up to last year, click here.