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Little Weighton Rowley C of E Primary

Together We Can...


 In history we will learn to…

‘hold tight to our convictions’ and ‘show empathy and kindness’


At Little Weighton Rowley, our history curriculum enables children to gain knowledge and understanding of the past. This knowledge will help them to make sense of today’s world by understanding the successes and failures of what came before. Our curriculum inspires curiosity about the past and shapes children’s thinking for the future.

Working on the principles of ‘cause and consequence’, ‘change and continuity’, ‘characteristic features’, ‘enquiry’, ‘interpretation’ and ‘organisation and communication’, our history curriculum will enable children to:

  • Become increasingly critical and analytical thinkers 
  • Possess a secure understanding of the chronology of the British Isles and other import periods of history 
  • Discover links and connections to the history they learn and the wider community and locality 
  • Further their knowledge and explanations of change and continuity over time with regards to the history of the British Isles and other societies and epochs 
  • Differentiate between source types and explain how interpretations in history may differ  
  • Draw on similarities and differences within given time frames and across previously taught history 
  • Enquire into historical themed questions and form their own opinions and interpretation of the past 


Please click on this link to find out more about our History Curriculum.