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Little Weighton Rowley C of E Primary

Together We Can...


In music we will learn to…

‘celebrate diversity’, ‘keep trying’, ‘be confident to try new things’, ‘show curiosity’ and ‘be happy’ 


At Little Weighton Rowley, our music curriculum enables children to develop a love of music by allowing them to express themselves creatively and engaged with music.  Our curriculum will give children the opportunity to listen to and evaluate music. Children will be able to use their voices and musical instruments to create and compose music. They will be able to explore how music is created, produced and communicated and know that music can promote happiness and enjoyment for all.


As a church school, our music curriculum promotes our Christian distinctiveness and will enable children to:

  • Sing, using their voices in a range of different situations to create, compose and perform music individually, in small groups, classes and as a whole school
  • Have opportunities to experiment with a range of different musical instruments, both untuned and tuned, learning how to play some of these in solo and ensemble situations
  • Listen attentively to both live and recorded music from different genres, recalling sounds with increasing aural memory (traditions/composers)
  • Develop their musical knowledge of interrelated musical dimensions including; pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure and appropriate notations
  • Improvise and compose for different purposes and audiences
  • Understand and use staff and other musical notations
  • Develop an understanding of the history of music

Please click on this link to see more information about our Music curriculum.