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Little Weighton Rowley C of E Primary

Together We Can...

Religious Education

In R.E., we will learn to….

hold tight to our convictions’ ‘give it all we’ve got’ ‘be resolute’ and ‘love without stopping’


At Little Weighton Rowley, our R.E. curriculum will enable children to learn about heritage, cultures and world faiths. This knowledge will promote respect, tolerance and empathy for all people, whilst developing children’s own sense of identify and belonging. Our curriculum will inspire curiosity and shape children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, equipping them for life in a diverse Britain and as global citizens.

As a church school, our R.E curriculum, promotes our Christian distinctiveness and will enable children to:

  • Ask challenging questions about the meaning of life, belief about God(s), themselves, issues of morality and humanity
  • Know and understand about religion and belief in a diverse society
  • Respect and show sensitivity to others and challenge known and unknown prejudices
  • Have opportunities for spiritual development when searching for meaning and purpose, have a sense of self and an understanding of the importance of their own ‘inner’ well being
  • Develop an understanding of the difference between right and wrong and of moral conflict, a concern for others and the will to do what is right
  • Develop an understanding of the responsibilities and rights of being members of families and communities (local, national and global), and an ability to relate to others and to work with others for the common good
  • Develop an understanding of cultural traditions and an ability to appreciate and respond to a variety of sensory and visual experiences

Please click on this link to see further information about our R.E. curriculum.