Children in Need 2019

We all came dressed in our sports kit, spots and ears and ready for action. We started the day with Joe Wicks and a live warm up and then had fun taking part in a multiskills Pudsey event, running races, working as a team and making our own Pudsey too. We had a well deserved cake at breaktime and some of Mrs Atkinson’s homemade Pudsey biscuits. 

Maths Showcase Autumn 2019

Are the trees in our school grounds as old as the school (50 years)?

Let's find out.

How tall are they? How can we find out?

Open the Book Team October 2019

Stories of Jonah and the Whale

Daniel and the Lions

Harvest Festival 2019

Dig it Day Autumn 2019

The annual digging up of our harvest was a little later this year, due to the rainy days we had in September. However, we had a glorious sunny day in the end. We were also able to plant up some spring bulbs as FOS have paid for and four of the dads made more planters for us.