Our School Vision


The staff and governors of Little Weighton, Rowley C.E. Primary School aim to provide a caring, happy and stimulating environment in which the full potential of each child may be realised. The school recognises its Christian foundation and its aims are based on Christian values and beliefs. These are encompassed in the school motto -

 "Together We Can..."

Our school aim is to LEARN!


To help pupils to be enthusiastic, enquiring imaginative and confident life long learners. (Endurance, Creation, Courage, Hope)


To ensure enjoyment through providing a stimulating environment and curriculum that meets the needs and interests of all learners.                                                                                     

To create a safe and secure community that fosters positive social relationships for all.             (Joy, Thankfulness)           


To have high expectations for every child to ensure that they have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.                                                                                                                   (Service, Endurance, Courage)


To help pupils develop respect for others and their cultures and beliefs.

To help pupils develop self respect and positive attitudes, values and behaviour.                       (Friendship, Community, Peace, Humility, Justice, Service)


To develop/support pupils to become independent, responsible, healthy and confident individuals.                                                                                                                               (Compassion, Creation, Trust, Humility)