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        Welcome to Class 2  

Please have a look at our photographs and videos to see some of our learning.       

Harry Potter Day - May 2024

This term Harry Potter has featured a lot in our learning. In English, we have written both formal and informal letters based on the situations and characters from the books. In addition we have read Harry Potter poetry and written our own too. As a celebration of all things Potter we had a Harry Potter Day, where we were 'sorted' into Hogwarts houses and then made house ties to wear.  We also made magic wands and had a feast in the great hall (class 3)!

DT Holy Land Houses - April 2024

In RE, we have been learning about the life of faith founders including Jesus. Our DT project has been to learn about strengthening structures and to design and make a model of a house that would have been lived in by Jesus and his disciples.

Spring Flowers Drawing - March 2024

We were inspired to draw spring flowers as part of our print making topic. Our observational drawings helped to generate ideas for our print designs.

World Book Day 2024

We love to read and we love to dress up as our favourite book characters. Here are our fantastic costumes we wore this year. We also love reading breakfast pancakes on world book day too!

RE The Jewish Festival of Purim Celebration - November 2023

At the end of our RE topic learning about the Jewish festival of Purim, we explored some of the ways Jewish people celebrate Purim. The story of Purim is often retold in the synagogue and children dress up as Esther, Haman, Xerces and Mordecai. As the story is told, at the mention of Haman's name the children will shout and use rattles and musical instruments as a warning. We made our own character masks and retold the story. We were especially good at making a lot of noise with shakers and rattles!


DT Cooking Hamantashen Biscuits - November 2023

This term's DT project has been linked to our RE Jewish topic of Purim. As part of understanding how Jewish people celebrate Purim, we have made investigated, tasted, designed and made our own hamantaschen biscuits (ask the children what hamantaschen means).  We started with the very important task of tasting biscuits (it had to be done). From this we created a success criteria of all the features we wanted in our biscuits. We decided that we did not like chocolate flavour, so we left that out of the design. The biscuits themselves have a unique triangle shape, so we practised shaping and folding the dough first. After that, we worked as a team to make biscuits for the whole school, which involved us scaling up the recipe. Finally, after the biscuits had cooked we shared them with everyone in school. They were a hit!

RE The Jewish Festival of Rosh Hashanah - October 2023

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are festivals that mark the start of the Jewish new year, which take place at the same time as our new school year. We learnt about some of the traditions Jewish people take part in, including the eating of apples and honey. This is a symbol of the hope for a sweet and good year ahead.

Art 'Wishing Chair Wizard' Collage - September 2023

We started our school year, by reading together our class book 'The Adventures of the Wishing Chair'. Inspired by the magical characters, we explored collage techniques of overlapping and quilling to create our own wizard pictures. We used a variety of coloured and textures papers from the Impressionist era in art to make our art.

DT- Savoury Tartlets for a Picnic - July 2023

Our DT project in the Summer Term, has been to design and make egg based savoury tartlets. We explored by cooking and tasting the many ways eggs can be eaten and then designed and made our own individual case and fillings for a picnic tartlet. They were yummy!

Gymnastics -July 2023

This term our gymnastics topic has focussed on symmetrical and asymmetrical balances with a partner.

Art Bird Painting - June 2023

Local artist Claire West encouraged us to paint from the natural environment. We were inspired by her paintings of birds and painted our own using ready mixed and acrylic paints. We experimented with creating texture with the paint.

Roman Invasion! - May 2023

This term we have been learning about the ancient Roman invasion to Britain. We have found out how the army's effective equipment (armour and weapons) and top training helped them to be a lean, mean invading machine! We made our own shields and found out for ourselves just how effective shield formations were in the battles with the Celts.

Science Friction - April 2023

We have been learning about friction and conducting investigations to test our ideas about surfaces that would have the least amount of friction.

Weaving Wall Hangings-April 2023

Our Art topic, this term has been weaving using yarn, creating pieces with more than colour and texture. 

World Book Day 2023

We celebrated World book Day by dressing up as some of our favourite book characters.

DT Light Up Games-February 2023

Our science topic this half term has been learning about how to make an electrical circuit. We then applied this knowledge (we did remember) to design and make a game where a bulb would light up, when the circuit was completed using a metal hook as a switch on the metal frame.

Geography: Paris and London Physical and Human Features-January 2023

As part of our 'wonderful world' topic we have been learning about France and the capital city Paris. We then compared the human and physical features of Paris and London, using a publisher document to organise our learning.

Northern Lights Poetry-January 2023

At the start of the year, we read a selection of poems all about the northern lights. We then wrote two different poems of our own, including an acrostic poem.


Real Maths Christmas Mobiles - December 2022

This Christmas time we applied our measuring skills (cms and mms) to create specific sized paper strip decorations (accurate measuring was essential). After the individual decorations had been made, we had to make them into a mobile by measuring lengths of yarn to precise measurements of two lots of 30 and 50 cms lengths to provide balance to the mobile.


DT Christmas Gift Bags - December 2022

This term our DT topic has been to design and make a Christmas gift bag. After designing our bags, we practised back stitch (making a book mark) and then applied the skill to make secure seams for the internal pocket. We then used the used stitching in another way, to decorate the Christmas motif on the front of the bags. We used the bags to take home all our Christmas goodies!


Remembrance Day Poppy Making - November 2022

As part of our RE topic 'Remembering', we have been learnt about the sacrifices made by the armed forces and how their service to us is remembered and honoured. We made poppies for everyone to wear at the Remembrance service we led.


History and Art Canopic Jars - November 2022

As part of our history  topics on the Ancient Egyptians we have been learning about the process of mummification. We then in art created canopic jars using the coiling method. In addition, we used clay slip to attach features to our clay heads.


The Magic Faraway Tree - October 2022

This half term, our class reading book has been the Magic Faraway Tree. We have loved reading the book and then writing our own versions of the 'Land of Goodies'. We then had a special celebration visiting the 'Land of Birthdays', reading the book in our reading corner and eating some of Silky's special pop cakes-they were yummy!


Harvest Flower Delivery - October 2022

This Autumn, we harvested our own fruits and vegetables and gathered flowers kindly donated by parents to distribute to the elderly in the village. The flowers were gratefully received and appreciated.


Science-Seed Dispersal investigation - September 2022

At the start of this school year, we have been exploring the various ways seed dispersal occurs in the life cycle of plants. We made 'helicopters' that replicate seed dispersal of sycamore tree seeds.


DT Pneumatic Dragons - July 2022

Our last project of the school year (inspired by our class book 'How to Train your Dragon'), has been designing and making a moving dragon head applying our knowledge of pneumatics. 


Lego Coding - July 2022

We have been coding to make our Lego models operate a variety of functions including movement, flashing lights and a light sensor.


Print Making - June 2022

Here are our final print pieces of art with multiple print layers.


Athletics Award - June 2022

We have been practising and doing our best to work towards our athletics award. We have tried hard to improve our hurdling technique and times.


Print Making: Floral Inspiration - May 2022

We have taken inspiration from our wild flower garden (blue tansies that the bees love) to create a floral design and individual print blocks ready to print with in our final pieces. We were also inspired by the work and style of artist Angie Lewin. We needed to really concentrate to include all the fine details!


DT Structures: Holy Land Houses - April 2022

Our RE topic about Faith Founders (Jesus and Abraham) was the starting point for our DT project. We researched ways to strengthen and stabilise structures and then designed and built holy land houses.


Easter 2022

As a church school Easter is a very special time. We have again made Easter cards for the elderly in our community. We explored the symbolism of the Easter story and each day read out from our Easter tree a section of the the holy week story. 


Stonehenge Art - March 2022

We were inspired by our learning in history about Stonehenge to create shaded sketches of the intriguing place, using hatching and cross hatching techniques. We then created backgrounds using two different types of media- chalk pastels and paint washes. We experimented with flat, graduated and mixed washes before applying to the final piece of work.


World Book Day - March 2022

This year, World Book Day celebrated its 25th anniversary. We enjoyed our own celebrations dressing up as characters from our favourite books, taking part in book quizzes and writing book reviews. 


Money Matters - February 2022

In maths, we have been learning to recognise, count, add up money and calculate change. We have practised these skills with role shops. We have had a cake shop, art supplies and a book shop!


The Great Fossil Find - January 2022

As part of our Science topic, we worked scientifically as palaeontologists on an imaginary fossil hunt. ‘Each day’ we discovered a few fossilised bones of an unknown animal. As we uncovered the bones, we tried to reconstruct the animal that we thought that it would most likely be. However as more bones were found, we realised that we had to change our ideas as to what the animal might be.


Christingle Dance - December 2021

As part of our Christingle service which we organised and led, we created a dance to express the symbolism of the Christingle.


Christingle Service Candle Song - December 2021

During the Christingle service we sang the candle song. You can't see us, but you can listen to our beautiful voices.  


Hamantaschen Biscuits - November 2021

Our Design Technology food topic was linked to our Purim topic. We researched, designed and made traditionally eaten biscuits eaten during Purim celebrations. We all agreed they were yummy!


Purim Day - November 2021

As part of our learning about the Jewish festival of Purim we celebrated with Purim day. We found out about the characters in the story, Esther, Haman, Mordecai and the king Xerxes and made their masks. 


Them Bones! - October 2021

We worked in teams to identify and label bones in the body.


Wizard Collage - September 2021

Our reading of the 'Adventures of the Wishing Chair' inspired us to create collages of the characters the Ho-Ho wizard and the gnome doctor. 


Let the Water Games Begin! July 2021

At the end of term we invented some new water themed team games. It was great fun!


Roman Day - July 2021

Togas, laurel head pieces and Roman food were all part of the fun of Roman day!


Harry Potter Day - May 2021

During this half term we have written information texts about Hogwarts houses, in Art sketched Harry Potter to then create digital images. We finished our topic with a Harry Potter Day, in which we created our own house ties, wands, broomsticks and potions (very carefully measured out). Perhaps we enjoyed the feast in the great hall the most!?  


Easter - March 2021

We have been busy decorating our classroom to help us celebrate Easter


Mothers' Day Cards - March 2021

We have made some Mothers' Day cards for all the important females in our lives. We think they will be really pleased to receive them (Miss Varley said they look better than real bunches of flowers!). 


Christmas Bags - December 2020

Class 2 have designed and made Christmas gift bags. We practised our back stitch sewing skills to make a secret interior pocket. In addition we used decorative stitches to embellish our Christmas felt shapes.


Elves - November 2020

Our clay art topic was inspired by our class book the Magic Faraway Tree. We all created an elf figure head from a ball of clay, moulding and adding some features using clay slip.


Celebrating Harvest - October 2020

We have been busy making scarecrow cards to help us celebrate Harvest. We think they look really good. We made a few extra to deliver to members of the community and they were well received! 


World Book Day - March 2020

We enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day - can you guess who we are?


LegoWeDo - February 2020

We rose to Mrs Clayton's challenge in Computing to learn how to code. We had to follow instructions to build a Lego model and then we used the iPads to write 'code' to make our models move. We had lots of fun and managed to make all them move!


Amazing Mathematicians! - February 2020

We have been practising our subtraction skills using tens and units apparatus. We solved lots of tricky calculations!


Stonehenge - January 2020

We have been learning about Stonehenge. We undertook some research and an 'archeological' dig and then we built our own mini Stonehenges! 


Tree Measuring - Autumn 2019

As part of our 50th birthday celebrations we measured the height  and the circumference of the tree around the field. We then calculated their ages to see if any were older than the school.

Flower Delivery to Members of the Village Community Autumn 2019


Roman Shields - June 2019


Levers - May 2019


Musical Instruments - Autumn 2 2018

In Science, Mrs Clayton's challenged us to make an instrument that would produce a high pitched and a low pitched sound. We managed to complete her challenge. It was fun but noisy!

Celebrate with Wedding Cake! Autumn 2 2018

Our DT food project was to design and make a wedding cake for our school Autumn term wedding.

Our Trip to the Hands on History Museum Autumn 1 2018

STEM Challenge - Autumn 1 2018

Build the tallest tower you can using one apple and cocktail sticks.

Design Technology Bird Scarers - Summer 1 2018

How can we stop the birds eating the new pea shoots as they begin to grow?

Let's design and make a bird scarer to solve the problem!

Money Workshop - Spring 2 2018

Cave Paintings - Spring 2 2018

Inspired by our museum trip we learnt to use new colour wash skills and apply them to create cave paintings.

Our Visit to the Hull and East Riding Museum - Spring 1 2018

As part of our Stone Age topic we went to the museum to find out more about life in the Stone Age. We took part in a workshop to help us learn about what people ate and how they hunted for it. We made notes about the mammoth and used them to write a fact file when we returned to school.

Christingle Workshop and Service - Autumn 2 2017

We shared our learning about the symbolism of Christingles by running a workshop for the whole school and in leading our Christingle service.