Class 2         

Welcome to Class 2!

This year we will be doing lots of fun activities and learning as we explore together. During the year our topics will include:

Autumn Term-  Pumpkins and Passover (1st half term)

Spring Term- TBC

Summer Term-TBC

Have a look at our photographs and see some of our learning.



Flower Delivery to Members of the Village Community Autumn 2019

Our Trip to the Hands on History Museum Autumn 1 2018

Celebrate with Wedding Cake! Autumn 2 2018

Our DT food project was to design and make a wedding cake for our school Autumn term wedding.

STEM Challenge - Autumn 1 2018

Build the tallest tower you can using one apple and cocktail sticks.

Design Technology Bird Scarers - Summer 1 2018

How can we stop the birds eating the new pea shoots as they begin to grow?

Let's design and make a bird scarer to solve the problem!

Money Workshop - Spring 2 2018

Cave Paintings - Spring 2 2018

Inspired by our museum trip we learnt to use new colour wash skills and apply them to create cave paintings.

Our Visit to the Hull and East Riding Museum - Spring 1 2018

As part of our Stone Age topic we went to the museum to find out more about life in the Stone Age. We took part in a workshop to help us learn about what people ate and how they hunted for it. We made notes about the mammoth and used them to write a fact file when we returned to school.

Christingle Workshop and Service - Autumn 2 2017

We shared our learning about the symbolism of Christingles by running a workshop for the whole school and in leading our Christingle service.

Purim Celebration Day - Autumn 2 2017

As part of our Jewish festivals topic we celebrated with our own Purim Day. We used our measuring skills by weighing out the Hamantashen biscuits ingredients  and scaling up the recipe for 60 people. We also measured out our masks with great care.

Children in Need Day 2017

The Big Ramble

One of our school farming families kindly agreed to let us ramble on their farm land as part of our Children in Need Day activities. We appreciated the drink and biscuits too! Thank you very much the Byass family.

Skipping Workshop November 2017

 Our skipping workshop challenges included how many skips we could do in a minute, french skipping and partner long rope skipping.

Rangoli Pattern Maths Challenge November 2017

Trip to Hull - Autumn 1 2017

We had a fantastic day in Hull learning about how the city has changed over the last few hundred years.

We held a sale of African goods to raise money for Esther's School in Nairobi.

Our African Goods Shop

We practised buying and selling African items then...

Our African Inspired Woven Woolen Baskets

Celebrating the Passover Meal Together

Our Ancient Egypt Work

Number Work

Class 2 School Council Voting