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Little Weighton Rowley C of E Primary

Together We Can...

Art and Design

 In art and design, we will learn to….

be confident to try new things’, ‘show resilience’ and ‘to give it all we’ve got’


At Little Weighton Rowley, our Art and Design curriculum aims to inspires creativity, imagination and confidence in self-expression. We will provide opportunities for our children to engage in visual, tactile and sensory experiences.  We will encourage children to use art to demonstrate and develop their understanding of the world around them. Our children will know and appreciate how art and design reflects and shapes history and contributes to the culture and creativity of the world.

Our art and design curriculum will enable children to:

  • Have opportunities to become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture, craft and design techniques
  • Experiment in a ‘safe’ learning environment where there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ results, thus, both self-expression and self-esteem may be enhanced
  • Experience a varied range of experiences in the arts as part of and in addition to the curriculum
  • Have the opportunity to explore, develop and communicate their personal, aesthetic response to experience
  • Develop an appreciation and an ability to evaluate the arts that will last a lifetime 
  • Develop their appreciation of the diverse cultural heritage of artists and designers within the local community and in the world beyond  
  • Express themselves creatively using a wide range of media, across a variety of situations


Please click on this link to see more information about our Art and Design curriculum.