Our News 2020

Hello Everyone

We hope you are staying safe and enjoying the sunshine.  The teachers are missing you all at school - it is very quiet without you all dashing around and making lots of noise! We look forward to seeing you soon. We've enjoyed looking at the emails from you all and finding out what you've been doing.  It sounds like we've got lots of gardeners, scientists, artists and sporty people.

From Miss Varley and all the teachers and staff at school.


Hi Everyone

Elliot and I have been on some walks and done lots of gardening. Here is a poem I have written.

Take care

Courtney and Elliot

Hi Everyone,

I have been going out for some lovely walks on these nice sunny days with my Mum, my sister and our dog and in the evenings after my dinner and over the weekends, I have been spending my time doing lots of artwork. Here is a canvas art I have recently done. 
I'm missing my teachers and all my friends and look forward to seeing you all again soon. 
From Phoebe

Hi Everyone

I have been enjoying the garden and watching the changes my caterpillars have been making. I've also been helping with my baby sister and setting up ‘baby school’ for her!

Love, Harper 

Hi Everyone

These are some photos of me a couple of years ago at a Viking re-enactments at Stamford Bridge. I thought Class 2 might like to see them as we are learning about the Anglo Saxons. 

Take care, Jacob

Hi Everyone
I have been really busy, I have done lots of craft activities, and I have enjoyed making a bird feeder and planting strawberries, I have tried hard looking after my bean and it has grown really fast. I have really enjoyed my daily walks or bike rides. I am really missing all of my friends, but I hope you are all ok.
Love from Leonie x
Hi Everyone
Hope your all staying well and healthy. 
I just wanted to share with you my BBC Bitesize geography lesson. And some photos of the blu tack inverted comas and a random blu tack frog.

Take care, Max

Hi Everyone!

It's been really lovely weather hasn't it the last few days!? We have been enjoying the garden - Daddy made us an assault course using lots of different materials, I had to crawl, crouch, skip and balance! 
We all went out for a bike ride too on our new pull-along bikes and managed to cover 6 miles!
Missing my friends lots but enjoy when we Facetime on our Mummy's phones! 
Love Isobel x 


Hello Everyone! I am missing you all so much! 

I am having lots of fun with my family, especially Heidi. We have been having lots of fun outside and have built a den and been out on our bikes and scooters. 
We are really enjoying science experiments and have made our own mini lava lamp, slime, a volcano and some crazy crystals! We are also growing our own butterflies and I have been making a video diary every day. My caterpillars are really big now! 
Stay safe! 
Love and hugs, Amira xxx


Hi Everyone

This is me a few Wednesdays ago - the background might look familiar, although it is dark!! We were in the field next to the school (at about 10pm - I wouldn’t have been allowed to be out that late if it had been a proper school night) looking for satellites. We didn’t manage to see the chain of satellites but we did see some and the odd shooting star!

Take care, Nathan

Hello Everyone

George and I had a good Easter.  I dressed him up as the Easter Bunny but he wasn't that keen on the ears!  I had to let him eat the chocolate to distract him while I put the ears on for a photo!  George really likes chocolate...

Miss Varley

Hello! I am missing you all lots! I have been busy like Mrs Clayton crafting. Unfortunately, we were not able to go ahead with the Easter/Spring wreath workshop at school, but I had a go at one to cheer up the walkers as they go past my house. My chickens are still not laying golden eggs Class 2, not even chocolate ones! But I did enjoy the other Easter eggs we found in the garden. Millie the cat is enjoying the sunshine, can you guess where she is exactly? 

Stay safe and well. 

Mrs Fielder

Hello everyone. I am missing you all but I am very lucky to see so many of you whilst I’ve been out running. I have been very busy doing lots of running and crafting. I’ve seen all sorts of rainbows as I’ve passed through the village. There have been large ones, small ones, some chalked on paths and drives and I’ve even seen a mosaic one on a blue bin! I have tried to make a rainbow each week using different things - my favourite one so far is the Lego rainbow. You’ll have to see if you can spot them.

Take care
Mrs Clayton

Here is a photo of Erik, Lewin and I in the woods. We have been going most mornings and it has been really good to notice changes to the woods over time! We have started to see the buds on the trees blooming and the blue bells are now out. We also really like playing in the big den that's there, having hot chocolate and a biscuit for snack and doing various other Forest School activities such as scavenger hunts, trying to make a spark using a flint and steel and minibeast investigations!

Missing you all Ms J

Hello! I hope you are all keeping safe and well! I am missing being in school with you all but Jack and Lily have been keeping me busy. We have been doing our school work, as well as camping in the garden, cycling, baking and doing an online painting class (in our PJs!)

....keep smiling 

Mrs Church

This morning during "school" we have had a bit of a different lesson and have been learning how to find a place on a map using the index to find the coordinates and then using the coordinates to find said place. We are missing school and the teachers and we hope you are all staying safe.

Anneliese, Franchesca and William 

Hi, this last week I've been going out on bike rides and having lots of fun. I miss all my friends and teachers. 

From Max

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all well. t's nice to see what you have all been up to.

Charlie has started learning to play badminton with me as his badminton coach.

Take care


Hi Everyone

I made a super hero outfit and then I dressed up in it!

From Henry

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well. I’ve been enjoying my extended school holidays and been busy playing with my mum and dad, learning my numbers and phonics and also helping in the garden. 

From Bertie

Hi Everyone,

I am missing you all soooooo much but I am enjoying my time at home. My favourite things to do are making dens with Elsie, playing cafes at tea time, baking (we have even taught daddy how to make crispy buns) and practising the guitar.

We have been watching Maddie Moate at 11am everyday on YouTube and Draw with Rob on a Tuesday and Thursday - they are really good fun so you should all try it too!

Can’t wait to see everyone.

From Rose

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been raiding mum’s cupboards for things to do experiments with and have made a few explosions.

My favourite so far though has been making squishy soap. I’m planning on selling them once I can and have had Rose help in designing the logo while I have been working out the costings. Watch this space for ‘wash dots’!

From Thomas

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I have had a BBQ today followed by a walk to Skidby. I'm missing everyone from school lots.

From Max

Ava and Fearne have been busy!

They do Joe Wicks PE every morning, they listen to David Williams audio books and then learn a dance with Oti Mabuse.

Fearne spends the afternoon learning phonics and writing. Whilst Ava completes her work books.

Ava’s broad bean is also growing well!

Ava wants to say to her teachers that she is really missing school and looks forward to coming back!

Hi Everyone

We hope everyone is staying safe. Me and Imogen have been enjoying the sunshine outside and making these little eggs and decorating them ready for Easter.

From Maddison and Imogen x

Hello Everyone! 

We have been enjoying the sunshine this weekend. Isobel has been watching her broad bean put out sprouts and leaves and we have spoken about why this is, talking about photosynthesis! Attached is a picture of Isobel’s shoot now. She and her daddy repotted it outside in a bigger pot with some soil!

Take care everyone!

Love Isobel and her family

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all ok? We are having fun and hoping you are ok too? This is when I was doing an online campfire. At first our fire wasn’t working but after a couple of minutes we got it working. I have drawn lots of rainbows for our windows and drawn on the pavement to cheer people up. I am enjoying eating chocolate again after giving it up for Lent. I hope to see you soon and miss you all.

From Nathan x


Here is a photo of our picture board at the end of the farm drive. So far we've done pictures of rainbows, teddy bears, Easter and one for the NHS. There’s also a wallet for everyone to leave notes for each other and we've just put a post up so everyone can mark their heights on it as a keepsake for the 2020 lockdown. We're missing everyone so much!

Love from Daisy, Millie & Evie xxx

Morning. I hope you’re all well and enjoyed Easter. Here are a couple of photos of my vegetable seedlings which are growing nicely and also me doing one of my many science experiments!!

From Jack


I am missing you all, and I have seen some of you in the village when I have been out riding my bike looking for rainbows. I can now ride my bike without stabilisers.

Give me a wave if you see me go past.

Love Lucy.

Hi Everybody,

Hope you had a good Easter and a lot of chocolate.

We did a lockdown dig-it-day. We planted potatoes, tomatoes, beetroot, onions, carrots and also the beans that Mrs Clayton gave us. We also made scarecrows to keep the birds away.

Hope to see you soon,

From Jess.

Hi Everybody!

I’m missing you all but I’ve been busy. I built a bird box! I built it with Dad, painted it and put it up in the garden. The very next day two little blue tits moved in and we’ve been watching them with binoculars. Hopefully we’ll have some baby blue tits soon.

Stay safe, love from


Hi Everyone

I have been in the garden a lot playing football with Callum and I have been trying to make big bubbles, which I chase and pop. I am looking forward to going back to school and seeing you all.