Curriculum 2016-2017

At Little Weighton, we teach cross curricular topics on a two year cycle.  All areas of the curriculum are covered in these topics: Mathematics, Literacy and Science are taught both within the topic and also as stand alone subjects to ensure that all requirements of the National Curriculum are taught.


The table below tells you about our topics and themes for this year.

(Further more detailed information is available from the school on request.)

Take a look at our class topic overviews below.


Nursery and Foundation

Outstanding Early Years Foundation Stage practise encourages practitioners not to plan too far ahead for Foundation Stage children as their interests are 'in the moment' and need to be responded to straight away to gain the full value of their curiosity and engagement at the time.

Class 1

Click on the links below to download as PDFs

1. All About Me

2. Once Upon a Time

3. Explorers

4. Hot and Cold

5. Down on the Farm

Class 2

Click on the links below to download as PDFs

1. Awesome Egyptians

2. Trunks, Trash and Treasure

3. Stones, Bones and Volcanoes

4. Forces, Friends and Foes

Class 3