Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

We have been busy transforming our classroom into 'The Seaside' and the children have been very keen to help! From washing previous displays off the windows and putting up new ones to filling our floor sand pit with wet sand the children did a super job and were very enthusiastic! We have since been making sea creatures, building sandcastles, exploring sea shells, making play dough puffer fish, playing in our under sea cave, surfing and much more! The children are excited to go to Bridlington Beach at the end of term, check back to see the pictures from this Trip soon!

Moving Day for the Chickens!

Our five chicks are now five chickens! Pooh Bear, Master Splinter, Elsa, Olaf and Prince Charming are growing up fast and now old enough to move outside! The children were very excited to help move them into their new home and spent the morning carrying tools and parts and then helped to put pieces together with Miss Tharratt and Mrs Simpson to build it. They also prepared the run and coup with food, water and bedding. All the hard work paid off when we got to see the brood step inside the run for the first time, we think they will be very happy!

Den Day

We had lots of fun making dens on Den Day using a whole range of materials and tools! The children were very imaginative and after building their own houses went on to make lots of different things with cardboard - trains, bunk beds and even robot costumes...our 'robots' were so busy they eventually "ran out of batteries!"  [see picture].

Chrysalis Watch

The children have been bringing things to school as part of their 'Show and Tell'. This term we were lucky enough to have a Chrysalis brought in. We were excited to have it stay with us in the classroom and we have since waited for it to hatch. The butterfly arrived this week - a Cabbage White and we let it go in our Foundation garden. We have loved seeing the butterfly up close and it was happy to land on the children so they could see it before flying off to find a flower.

Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me Come In 

We have been looking at stories and songs based on farm animals, including the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'. The children listened to the tale and then decided to act the story out. They created a set with three 'houses' and in turn played the roles of the different characters and the narrator. The children then asked Miss Green to film their play so they could watch their performances, the whole class enjoyed watching these back.

Down On The Farm

We have been 'down on the farm' for the last few weeks. The children have been engaged in lots of farm based activities such as exploring the muddy pig messy tray, singing songs like Old Mac Donald, learning about farm animals and using different media to make some for our classroom, including a 'real' cow! The children were able to experience what it would be like to milk a cow and were very excited to use the udder to fill buckets with 'milk'! We will be finishing this topic off by visiting Honeysuckle Farm which the children are really looking forward to. Check back to see pictures from our trip at the end of the month.

Have You Heard About Our Chicks?!

News has quickly spread around the village about our chicks! The eggs were kindly given to us by Mrs Simpson and kept in an incubator over the Easter Holidays. In our first week back to school the children were lucky enough to watch the chicks hatch!We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of 5 fluffy chicks. The children have been so excited and are currently having fun suggesting names, so far coming up with Prince Charming, Spike, Honey, Pooh Bear, Diego and Fluffy! We are yet to make our final decisions.