Class 3             

Welcome to Class 3's class page. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the things we do in school. This page has been created using contributions from our class and teachers.


Antarctic Poetry

Inspired by the Antarctic, we have been writing our own Antarctic based poetry. We have tried to use a range of figurative language to capture the essence of Antarctica. After lots of thought, drafting and redrafting we have created some poems of which we very proud. Here they are displayed on our wall.


Forces, Faith and Frost

This term our topic is called: ‘Forces, Faith and Frost’. 


Christmas Activities

Christmas is a really busy time in our school. You can see lots of our activities in the gallery section of this website. Just before Christmas, we used our understanding of light (gained from our Science lessons) to create some calendars for our families. We enjoyed making them – we hope you like them too.


Cooking Club

Cooking club has proved a huge success - we have all enjoyed the opportunity to cook some delicious dishes. Here are some of our Christmas treats. They were scrumptious!



As a class, we learnt a lot more about Hinduism from a member of the Hindu community. We learnt lots about the religion and also got to try on some traditional Hindu clothing. 


Rama and Sita Shadow Puppets

As part of Design Technology, we designed our own shadow puppets. We learnt how to create a mechanism so that their arms could move. In science, we learnt about light and used this knowledge to create shadows. In addition, we enhanced our designs by placing small holes in our puppets to allow light through. Initially we created prototypes which allowed us to refine and modify our ideas. When we had finished our puppets, we created our own shadow puppet shows based on the story of Rama and Sita.


The Weather French

In French, we learnt about the weather. We learnt how to say the weather in French and even had a go at doing our own weather forecast using our French. It was great fun!


Textile Shells

Using inspiration from our topic, we used our textile skills to create our own shells. Initially we found the sewing a little tricky but we got it in the end.


Fish Poems

We had a lot of fun creating our own fish based poems. Some of us even managed to write them in the shape of a fish. We hope you like them.

Arctic Corsair

During the last half term, we have been looking at the local history of Hull, concentrating on the fishing industry. As part of our topic, we have visited the Arctic Corsair, which is a local trawler moored on the River Hull. Here are some of us on the bridge of the trawler. We had a lot of fun and asked a lot of questions! It inspired us to create our own memento of our visit. In addition, as part of our cross curricular writing, we wrote thank you letters to the tour guides of the Arctic Corsair.

Dig-it Day

As part of Dig-it Day, we did a maths investigation involving lots of measuring and perimeter work. Here are Class 2 and 3 working together to measure the perimeters of the vegetable beds, so that new wood can be ordered. In addition, we used our measuring and problem solving skills to work out how to make a lavender bag with a 40cm perimeter. Of course we used our own lavender which we had harvested from our gardens. We are very proud of our work and the way in which we helped each other.


Our Class Rules
As part of a new class, we looked at our class rules. Together we came up with some rules, which we could all agree on. as you can see, we have used our fish theme to create a display.


Fish, Flames and Festivals
This term, our topic is called: 'Fish, Flames and Festivals'. Have a look at our topic overview to see what we have planned.

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