Class 1 

Welcome to Class 1

Autumn 1 2018  Harvest Delivery

After our harvest assembly at school we went around the village to deliver flowers and Christmas invitations. We had lots of lovely conversations and lots of smiles from the people we visited.

Summer 2 The Lighthouse Keeper

We have been enjoying reading stories about the Lighthouse Keeper and his cat! We have painted scenes from the stories, made lighthouses (small and BIG!), as well as written our own stories too.


Summer 1 2018 - Measuring

We have doing lots of measuring. We started with non-standard units of measure like links, cubes and paper clips and then moved on to using our rulers, metre sticks and trundle wheels. We measured anything we could find including ourselves and the classroom floor. There was lots to measure outside too. It took a long time to measure the playground, but the sun was shining so we didn't mind!

Clay Mini-beasts Summer 1 2018

The children have designed and made their own clay mini-beasts.  They looked at different drawings of insects and learned how to model with clay and clay tools.  They then made their mini-beasts, leaving them to dry, before decorating them.

Sox the Fire Dog - Spring 1 2018

Sox the fire dog, Jon and Mrs Pickering came to visit us in school to show us what a fire dog does.  We learned about the special shoes that Sox wears so that if there is anything sharp on the floor, he doesn't hurt his paws. Sox showed us how he can sniff out different smells. At the end of the session, we all had a little stroke of Sox. He was very soft and furry!

Fun in the Snow! - Spring 1 2018

Class One have been enjoying the snow this morning. They used their senses to explore the snow to collect words for their snow poems. They also built a big snowman and collected some snow to put in the water tray.  It was good at first but then it melted and everyone's hands got cold!  

Retelling the Nativity Story - Autumn 2 2017

As part of our RE we have been thinking about the Christmas story.  We have been learning songs and dances for the Christmas play, retelling the story and using the nativity figures to act out the story. 

Our Visit to the Streetlife Museum - Autumn 2 2017

Class One enjoyed their visit to the Streetlife Museum.  Our workshop was really good. Laura had lost her vehicle and we had to listen to the clues and see if we could find it.  It took a while!  She showed us all the different vehicles and even read us a story on one of the old buses.   Eventually we found it - it was the tram.  After our lunch we put some coins in the machines and played the different games.  The laughing policeman and the wobble board were our favourites!

Postman Pat's Picnic Autumn 1 - 2017

Class One have been busy learning how to make different foods for Postman Pat's Picnic.  We have made sandwiches, fruit kebabs and buns. We have learned why it is important to wash our hands before preparing food.  We have practised washing, peeling and chopping different fruit for our kebabs and we have used our maths skills to weigh ingredients for our buns.  We talked about the different weights, deciding which ingredients were the heaviest or lightest.  Below are some photos of us making our buns.

A Walk Around Little Weighton - Autumn 1 - 2017

Class One went for a walk around Little Weighton so that we could compare it to Postman Pat's village, Greendale.  We walked to the park, past the bus stop and then down to the pond to say,  'Hello,' to the duck.  We then walked back to the Post Office and posted a letter (we also bought some chocolate buttons!). After that we walked over the bridge and to Station Garage.  Millie told us that her Grandad had told her that when he was a little boy trains used to come to Little Weighton.  We then walked back to school and ate our chocolate buttons.  It was a busy afternoon!.  

Hull City of Culture Photography Exhibition - Summer 2 2017

Class One all became photographers for the afternoon in preparation for our photography exhibition.  We used the iPads to take photos of our school grounds.  We explored taking 'close up' photos, photos of the views around our school and even managed to experiment with light and shadow.  Miss Varley then looked at all our photographs and chose her favourite ones so they could be displayed around our grounds.  Our photography exhibition was a huge success and everyone was very impressed with our photos, especially the experts from Skidby Photography Club.  Well done to Jessica for winning the 'View From a Far' category!

Pirates - Summer 2 2017

This half term we have transformed ourselves into pirates! We have climbed aboard our pirate ship, been marooned on a desert island and followed our treasure maps to find the treasure. We have painted pirates, labelled our ship, written our speech bubbles, pirate descriptions and stories. We have been counting our treasure, sometimes sharing it! We have been busy in the pirate kitchen, making delicious meals, writing menus and making sure all the crew are fed. 

Ahoy there!  

Guiseppe Arcimboldo - Summer 1 2017

As part of our work as artists this term we have learned about the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo.  He was an artist from long ago who made portraits of people from fruit, vegetables and flowers.  We then made our own face portraits of people using different fruit and flowers.  Our portraits looked good enough to eat!


Maths is Fun! - Summer 1 2017

We have been exploring capacity by filling and emptying containers, making capacity puddles on the playground and measuring in cups and millilitres. We used our capacity vocabulary too - full, empty, half full, three quarters full, a quarter full. 

Growing Daffodils - Spring 2 2017

As part of our science topic this term we have planted some daffodil bulbs.  We have made a diary to record how we've looked after them and how they have changed.  All our daffodils grew, Franchesca's was the tallest. 

Hot and Cold - Spring 2 2017

We got our coat ready for the North and South Pole and our sunglasses ready for the desert. We've learnt about polar bears and penguins, lions and giraffes. We've camped at base camp and made jewellery in our mud hut. We've made models, done paintings, found out facts and enjoyed stories together. 

Our Jackson Pollock Styled Masterpiece - Spring 1 2017

We learned about the artist Jackson Pollock.  We then experimented with different ways of making pattern and prints using brushes, different sized wheels and construction toys from our classroom.  After that we went into the hall to create our masterpiece.  We used brushes to splatter on our canvas and then we used wellies to make footprints and even rode some bikes over the paper.  It was a good job we changed into some old clothes because it was a bit messy.  We're not sure the hall floor will recover!

Space - Spring 1 2017

We have become spacemen and jetted off into outer space in our class rocket. We met some aliens along the way, gave them names and made fact files. We built ladders to try to reach space and retold the story 'Whatever Next.'

Survival Workshop - Autumn 2 2016

The children took part in a ‘Survival Workshop.’ We thought about all the things that we need to survive and stay healthy.  We talked about the importance of keeping clean and practiced washing our hands. We knew that we needed food and water and that we needed to eat healthily so we made some tasty fruit kebabs.We talked about the word ‘shelter’ and what it meant. We then made dens and tents! We talked about the importance of sleep and going to bed at bedtime when we are told!  We even practised sleeping in our dens!

Castles - Autumn 2 2016

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents that helped their children to make their castle over the Christmas holidays.  We had some very creative and unusual designs!  All the castles were really well decorated, some had doors and windows that opened, some had very impressive turrets and some even had a drawbridge that went up and down!

Charlie Chicken's Birthday - Autumn 1 2016

We have been thinking about 'belonging,' discussing which groups we belong to such as our family and school.  We then thought about things we celebrate as a family, for example our birthdays.  We were able to plan a party for our very own Charlie Chicken  (as luckily enough it was his birthday this week!).  We each made him a card, made party hats to wear and decorated some buns.  We then helped Charlie celebrate his birthday.  We enjoyed a tasty party feast, helped Charlie open his presents and we played 'Pin the Beak on the Chicken.'  Finally we helped Charlie blow out the candles on his cake!

Our Classroom Rules - Autumn 1 2016

We have been thinking about how to make our classroom a safe and happy place.  We have decided on some classroom rules.  These are our rules and the pictures below show us following them.

1) Always try to be a good friend.

2) Be safe and sensible (we said we need to walk around school and the classroom). 

3) Use good manners.

4) Take turns with our equipment.

5) Tidy up as a team.